MycoPunks don't sell magic mushroom spores... but we know a guy.

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We don’t actually sell any of the more “interesting” types of spores here, because just like we’re the best at making substrate and grain, a mate of ours is the best at making spore syringes – Orangutan Trading Co!


I've known Dan from Orangutan Trading Co for ages we both started our ventures at around the same time. In fact we both had the same feelings of frustration buying mycology supplies from UK vendors and felt we could do better.


He’s been going for years now, knocking out endless spore syringes that would make amazing magic mushrooms if you lived in Jamaica, Austria, or somewhere like that. Over in the UK, however, you can just collect them and keep them for when the law changes, or look at them under a microscope if that takes your fancy (we sell cool microscopy stuff right here). 


Orangutan Trading Co are well known in mycological circles as being one of the best spore traders in the UK. You can read about them on Reddit and see for yourself, or check out their review page

They’ve got quite a few varieties of spores (28 types of syringe, last time I checked!) from some of the more, uh, ‘entertaining’ types of mushroom, and they’ve also got spore prints, t-shirts, hoodies and even stickers where they donate the profits straight to a foodbank!

They were also kind enough to offer you guys a tidy discount code... 


Which will give you 10% off your next order – you can’t say fairer than that!